Facebook and Google aren’t exactly cosy, they compete on many different platforms including advertising and of course Video. So, Facebook announcing today that you can now cast video to your Chromecast is pretty big.

You can cast video from your mobile or desktop to Google Cast devices, or Apple TV. You can continue scrolling through your Facebook feed on your device while the video plays and queue up new videos as you go, or just watch the video and comment or react to it, you can see real-time reactions and comments on the screen as it plays.

Because it’s not just Google Cast devices Facebook is casting to, a slightly different icon to cast. The icon is still in a similar position in the top right hand corner of your screen though. Simply tap it, choose the cast target and you’re off and racing.

Facebook has advised that the cast feature is live on iOS and desktop, with Android support coming soon.

Price: Free
Source: Facebook.
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    I was casting videos from facebook the other week … i thought it was an old feature that i had missed the boat on. Glad i was surprised for the right reason.