Android Developers

The Play Store is a minefield for users, not just for the fact that you’re on the Internet but the fact that you can potentially find dozens of results for any given search. Don’t believe me? Search Twitter – I dare you! That aside for developers; or any curious bystanders Google are very good at keeping developers in the loop with a continual flow of information, policy updates and suggestions on how to ensure that your apps gain as strong a footprint as can be.

The latest video from the Android Developers team at Google gives a quick 10 step rundown on ensuring that you comply iwth the Google Play Store Policies and your app doesn’t meet the “long arm of the law”. If you’re a developer, or just curious about what goes on behind the scenes it’s worth a quick look at the below video to learn a little more about the rules developers should be playing by.

Have you come across any apps that you believe violate these terms?

Source: Android Developers Blog.