How many times a day do you pull your phone out of your pocket to check notifications, or leave your phone out to monitor something or to simply check the weather? In my random Internet travels while I try to avoid buying things on crowd funding websites I tripped over the Glance Clock which by all accounts is a solid, visual replacement for Google Now that you can see without touching your phone.

Glance Clock is an actual clock with a display that shows your notifications, including calendar notifications, step count and more.

By syncing information from your phone, wearable, smart-home and other devices, Glance Clock displays only the most valuable notifications, such as meeting reminders, fitness tracking, UBER alerts, and even more.

There is a huge list of popular apps that the Glance Clock works with starting from the obvious Google integrations, a variety of messaging apps, the mainstream Music streaming services, a number of the more popoular Productivity apps, News notifications, Spots, Weather and even Uber (notifies you when you car arrives).

With a few days left in their Indiegogo campaign, they’ve literally destroyed their funding target and the tech has me seriously considering grabbing one for myself… I’ve got 2 days to decide.

Do you regularly check the crowd funding websites, or do you avoid them to save the money?

Source: Indiegogo.
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Mozart Alves Júnior

O suggest to do I little gadget to use close your computer with this information. Where you can touch and change status. A clock is something distance of you and a little gadget with a display like this clock could be better to interact. More details, let me know!

Phill Edwards

Sounds great. The main problem with those sites is how long it takes to get your hands on the thing you feel in love with!