If you had been thinking to yourself that what VR had been missing was a keyboard interface, boy does Google have an app for you. Seriously there are going to be many instances where a VR experience may need text input, just like Android TV, to address this Google has released the Daydream Keyboard to the playstore, but no one can download it…. yet.

Providing a first party and consistent keyboard experience shows that Google is trying to cover all of their basis to ensure that the Daydream VR experience is everything it can be. According to the Playstore listing if you uninstall the keyboard then some daydream apps will not work. This sort of cross-dependency is more evidence that Google is taking a really smart and considered approach to their VR system.

The keyboard is what you would expect, a 3D representation of a material looking keyboard that you assumably you interact with using the Daydream controller. By allowing you to keep your head still and move the controller this should cause less nausea than other virtual keyboards I’ve used where I have to move my head around to type.

The keyboard is only available to Daydream devices, so none right this second. If you want to try, and fail, to install the Keyboard here’s the link, perhaps you can bookmark it for when your Daydream device arrives!

Daydream Keyboard
Daydream Keyboard
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

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Source: Google.
Via: Android Police.