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With Samsung previously announcing that they would be showing the Galaxy Tab S3 this September, we were somewhat surprised when it didn’t surface at IFA 2016 in Berlin. A new rumour today suggests that the now overdue refresh to Samsung’s tablet line may be delayed as long as March next year, with the expected timeframe just being the first quarter of 2017.

samsung s3 fcc

The device has previously been seen heading through the FCC and is expected to include:

  • 9.7″ display, QHD resolution
  • Snapdragon 652 SOC
  • 3GB RAM
  • Bluetooth 4.2 LE
  • 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  • GPS
  • LTE (on selected models)
  • a CPU clock speed of 1.6 GHz.
  • 8MP rear camera and 2MP front facing
  • 237.1 x 168.8 mm

It’s doubtful we will ever know why the tablet was “delayed”, perhaps it was never meant to release this year? That said, with FCC filings and Samsung representatives saying it was, that’s not where the smart money goes. Did the recent misfortune with the now finished Galaxy Note 7 somehow affect manufacturing capacity? Or did it share components perhaps?

Whatever the case, it looks as if we won’t be seeing an updated tablet from Samsung this year. Considering the role they played in the Australian Tablet market this could open up a big opportunity for other OEMs who have released updated hardware.

Are you looking at a new Android Tablet? What’s you current Android tablet recommendation? Let us know below.

Source: Android Headlines.
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I have a Tab S. The S2 was pretty lacklustre, and after getting the Surface 3, I don’t think I’ll need (or want) an Android tablet again.

The apps are just not optimised on Android for tablets to the extent that I would want, especially for productivity. MS Office on the Surface 3 is miles ahead of Android or iOS, and with VLC player on it, it does a fine job for watching movies etc too. Not to mention I can use it for quick reviewing work with my photography too with a card reader in the bag too.


This is a pretty midrange soc..weird


No one dares to buy


I’ve still got my trusty Nexus 10. I’ve been a big fan of that tablet. But I think the Lenovo YOGA Tab 3 Plus is due out this month. That would most likely be the tablet I would replace my N10 with (If/when it conks out that is).

Yianni soc

I’d love to know tablet suggestions! My nexus 7 needs an upgrade.
Stockish android and 7-8 inch screen would be great. Closest I can think of is lenovo tab 3.

Gray Fox

What is this 1980
1.6Mhz CPU speed
I know you mean 1.6Ghz


fixed.. thanks! tired eyes.