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If you’re headed to the USA anytime soon and you’re stubborn enough to have not returned you Galaxy Note 7, as advised by basically everyone on the planet, then you may want to take a spare. The Federal Aviation Administration in the US has issued a complete ban on the devices been carried or transported on any aeroplane within the USA.

Currently, Note 7 device must be powered off and not charged during flight, however, as a response to the continuing issues the beleaguered device is suffering a total ban on the device will come into effect from noon this Saturday in the USA. In a statement, a FAA representative said:

“We recognize that banning these phones from airlines will inconvenience some passengers, but the safety of all those aboard an aircraft must take priority”.

It’s unclear if the Civil Aviation Safety Authority in Australia will follow suit or keep with the current ban that all Note 7s must be powered off and not charged whilst onboard a plane. With a ‘safe’ Note 7 device combusting into smoke and burning the carpet on a recent flight in the USA (luckily whilst still on the ground), this response seems appropriate and proportional.

If you have a Note 7 we recommend that you back-up your data, power down the device and return it immediately to your place of purchase. There’s even incentives for you to do so.

Source: Bloomburg.
Via: VentureBeat.
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Gray Fox

What is to stop the worker at the check in gate saying your Galaxy S7 edge or even a note 5 is a note 7 and your not allowed on the flight regardless of what you show them.

Jamie S

Hot of the press, Virgin are advising all Note 7s must be turned off before boarding for the duration of the the flight, so no change yet.

Yianni soc

Flew to Hong Kong on Friday night. The check-in lady asked if I had a note 7.i said no, but asked what if I did, and she said they’re saying off the entire flight, but she said that they are starting to ask people to leave them behind.
Also this message popped up every 10 mins for the first 1 hour of the flight. comment image

Jamie S

I’m flying to sunny Brisvegas today so I’ll be interested to see what the current Virgin Australia announcement is. I’ll report back if there are any changes.