There’s a stack of weather apps available on the Play Store, some are more accurate than others and where else (in Australia at least) would you go to get the latest and most accurate information on the weather situation than the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) who have released their own weather app “BOM Weather”.

The app allows gives you real-time weather forecasting, which of course requires the app to have access to your device location and perhaps, more importantly, the ability to view weather warnings inside the app as well.

BOM Weather
BOM Weather

What is your weapon of choice when it comes to tracking the weather?

Source: Google Play.
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    I’ve used AuWeather by tomfusion for years. I love that the widget keeps track of where I am, and updates the widget with the BOM weather for that area.


    Pocket Weather all the way!


    Just paid for it! They deserve it for such a great app!


    Weather zone plus is the best Australian weather app. Have the best Android design and user experience.

    Square eyed

    The problem with Weather zone is they make there own forecast and I’ve found them more often than not to be incorrect. Pocket weather just packages BOM data in a nice UI.


    Oh, really? Didn’t notice this. Then just hope bom can have more Android design app.

    Michael Manning

    My goto “app” is a website bookmark shortcut on the home screen straight to the BOM mobile website, still faster than the app which I tried a little while ago.

    Square eyed

    They released it in early September. I’ve installed it and uninstalled it. It has no widget, the back button doesn’t work in it and it doesn’t use material design. I’m still on pocket weather which uses BOM data and has all the above issues sorted.


    Have to say I prefer Pocket Weather too, if I’m looking for details. Otherwise, Google Weather works just fine.

    Daniel Narbett

    The BOM app design seems to me very similar to Pocket Weather (also my fav) – do we know whether BOM outsourced the design to the PW crew?

    Sean White

    Pretty much had the same experience, except I use AusWeather instead of Pocket Weather

    Max Luong

    Another Pocket Weather fan here.


    Loved Pocket Weather until I found WillyWeather. Uses BOM data and a bit less cluttered than Pocket Weather.

    Elders weather app is pretty good too


    Could care less about material design, but it doesn’t work in landscape either. in short, it’s an iphone translation.

    I tend to expect a decent widget from a weather app, I don’t want to muck about. Therefore I favour eWeather HD, BOM Radar, WeatherBomb and AIX