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Ricoh Theta SC

Ricoh has announced a smaller, cheaper version of the Theta S — the company’s handheld 360-degree camera called the Theta SC.

The Theta SC uses twin f/2.0 lenses and two 12-megapixel sensors to capture 360-degree stills and 1080p-quality spherical video. The new Theta SC has a recommended retail price of US$399, however looking over at the Pentax/Ricoh Australian website has the Theta SC for approximately $462 AUD. Though there is no stock available on the Ricoh website, sales have begun already, at least in the USA that is.

The Theta SC allows users to easily transfer captured 360-degree images to smartphones and tablet computers. It also allows users to upload their images to the theta360.com and share on social networks, or upload 360-degree videos directly to Facebook and YouTube.

The Theta SC has 8GB of storage built in, and can take around 260 photos on a single charge, or about an hour’s worth of video footage.

The Ricoh Theta SC will comes in 4 very colourful colours – blue, beige, pink and white, however it is not sure who the partner retailers will be. We have asked the Australian distribution arm for details on who retail partners will be, however we are yet to hear back.

As stated though, the Ricoh Theta SC is expected to be available through the Australian Pentax/Ricoh website for $462 + delivery costs.

Source: The Verge, and Pentax Australia.

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