Pixel unboxing video released early via a US blogger

**UPDATED: The video referenced in this article has been removed since this article was published**

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In what may be the most un-technical unboxing video I have ever watched, Canadian Vlogger spiffykerms seems to have broken whatever NDA the rest of the US press are adhering to and released a video on YouTube, which shows a full unboxing of a Very Silver Pixel (the 5-inch variant) and all the goodies inside.

The video runs for 4:39 focusing on the experience rather than any technical details, not surprising considering the host is mainly a fashion blogger. Regardless of the detail in the video, if you’re anxious to get your first look at the Pixel and it’s packaging then check it out below.

We’d be most curious to know how this person got their hands on a Google Pixel; whether it was a device sent out early by an overzealous carrier, or whether it was something sent out by Google for the purposes of a review. Either way, it’s a bit inconsistent when other media outlets have to play by the rules.

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Last modified on 17 October 2016 10:08 pm

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  • Video has gone private. I have a feeling it may have been a similar situation to the bloke who got his early from Telstra.

  • Yeah seems unfair. Google own YouTube, so he may have gotten a few clicks but they'll probably stop him from getting his revenue from monetisation!

  • A little birdie told telstra accidentally sent out 14 units last week. They managed to get back 4 units, but 10 still out there. Apparently one guy was on reddit answering question live

    • Yeah he was, and is still taking questions. Silly mistake by Telstra, but once they're out there, they're out. Good luck getting them back.

      • Yep, no chance. I was lucky to have an hour with one last week and easily the best Android phone I've used.

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