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When Android Pay officially launched in Australia earlier this year, one of the more notable names that were absent from the list of banks supporting the contact pay method was the Westpac Group. This group includes not only Westpac but Bank SA, Bank of Melbourne and St George and it’s the latter who have come out on social media noting that their scheduled date for Android Pay availability isn’t until well into the 2017 calendar year which is in line with a statement issued by Westpac.

Westpac is committed to rolling out Android Pay by the end of the year, with their other brands including the St George banking group to follow early next year.

Their updated statements however don’t necessarily help those wanting to get going with the technology now and the delays are clearly causing frustration for some.

There’s a lot of work that goes into integrating with a third party system like Android Pay and it’s great to see that Westpac continue to update customers, perhaps they’re too late to the party or perhaps protecting their own interests by forcing customers to use their app.

Either way, for Westpac group customers, we can’t wait to see Android Pay become available.

If you’re using Android Pay, please share your experience and the bank you use with the Ausdroid community

Source: St George Bank Twitter.
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As usual , banks are keen to slug you with every tax available to them, but giving something in return isn’t a bank favourite. Their profits are meant to cover wearing extra rate increases , processing fees, OS transaction fees etc, but nope we all get charged those too. It would at least be decent of TBD big 4 to get mobile tap & pay up & fully running stop stuffing people around.


Ive been a stgeorge customer for about 7 years why havent i been iformed nor updated on this android pay thing

Jesus Machine

I don’t want to be cynical bit it’s not going to happen is my belief.


Also moved my transaction account away from St George. Decided to go with Macquarie, also happy with my decision.


Already moved to ANZ from St George to avoid delays of availability, and this makes me feel even better about my decision!

Dario Venier

No prob Westpac, take your time, I’ve gone with ING and enjoying Android Pay every day anyway 🙂

Dean Rosolen

On one hand, this latest delay is really annoying. On the other hand, I’d rather they have everything working properly when they do launch Android Pay support – If that means delays are required then so be it.

Adam J

As an aside, AMP Bank advised me on Twitter that they are “definitely considering” Android Pay, but they have NFC payments in their app so I’m not expecting them to hurry.

Darren Ferguson

Westpac have been lazy in regards to technology in general in my experience.


“Banks have been lazy in regards to technology in general in my experience.”

Fixed for you.