It looks like Xiaomi might want us to say goodbye to bezels if the recently leaked images of the Mi Note 2 are accurate. The images leaked on China’s Weibo social network show off some insanely thin bezels. Of course being unconfirmed leaked images you will need to have your usual does of salt at the ready.

My goodness they look amazing, though.

The images don’t really reveal anything too much about the device, except the thin bezels and the MiUi looking interface. According to the rest of the rumour mill the device is expected to launch on October 25 and will sport a 5.7″ display, Snapdragon 821, a potentially excessive 6GB of RAM, and a 16 MP rear camera. There’s no mention of screen resolution or if it is an AMOLED or LCD display. Seeing as Xiaomi devices don’t run “Google’s Android” Daydream compatibility isn’t really likely.

Xiaomi is capable of making some great hardware, and with those specs paired with an almost bezel-less display the Mi Note 2 is shaping up to be very desirable. However, software is Xiaomi’s biggest downfall; without Google Play Services, let alone a western focused launcher/ UI, I just don’t see them making major inroads into any other markets, and perhaps they are OK with that. Being huge in Asia, where there are so many millions of potential customers, can be all a brand needs.

Yes, if you’re interested you can root and ROM and side load, but in 2016 with security updates being a pivotal part of the Android experience I am officially over all of that, and the majority of smartphone buyers wouldn’t have the faintest idea what any of that is about.

Would you consider a Mi Note 2? Let us know below.

Source: XiaomiToday.
Via: 95toGoogle.
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I must be living in a dream World because I think that looks horrendous.

If hate holding that.

Yianni soc

Holy moly that’s amazing. Accidental touches will be crazy..
Can’t wait to check it out.



All these people obsessing over zero bezels are putting form over function in the highest order. Bezels actually serve a functional purpose with a handheld device.


Mmmmm no bezels


Not sure what you are on about here … Xiaomi has full Google Play support in the international models sold in India , so why do you think they will not be DayDream ready ?!?!?

Also why is the eventual international roll-out possibility not considered at all … They may have gone to great lengths to bring this new design to avoid lawsuits in our western markets


I might but there were report that it also has curved screen ala edge phones. personally don’t like them.