Here at Ausdroid we report on a lot of fitness trackers and it sometimes seems like there is a new one every couple of weeks. While we all love new tech it can become a bit mundane when they all do exactly the same thing. TomTom have today announced to the Australian market a new fitness tracker which does most of what others do but has a new twist.

This fitness tracker, the TomTom Touch not only does all day heart rate tracking, steps, sleep and calories burned it also measures the percentage of body fat and muscle mass in your body. So not only does it tell you what you’ve done but whether what you have done has done you any good. I’ve used expensive scales and even a dexa scan in the past to do this so it is great to see this function in a basic smartwatch. It is splash proof (IPX7) but not waterproof and as such care should be taken with it around water. It is also able to show phone notifications although the exact notifications it does show is unknown at this stage.

Chris Kearney, VP APC of TomTom Consumer says that:

We all know that weight doesn’t tell the whole story. Two people with the same weight can have completely different levels of muscle and fat in their body. TomTom Touch gives more clarity by tracking body composition, so you can really tell whether your efforts are having any effect.

The TomTom Touch also offers a sports mode for use while running, cycling or even hitting the gym. Details on this are sparse at the moment but hopefully we will get our hands on a review unit to put it through its paces. Battery life is meant to be up to 5 days and we will certainly test that out as well.

The TomTom Touch is available now from the TomTom Online Store for $219 with not just free delivery within 3-5 days but also free returns within 30 days. The strap comes in a range of different colours in both small and large sized wrist bands. In a nice addition, it can be charged with a standard microUSB cable.

If you are in the market for a new fitness band this could be the one for you, especially with the 30 day free returns. Try it before you buy?