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For many users there’s just no space in their life for a Chromebook with phones, tablets, laptops and PC’s already taking load. For some, though, a lightweight laptop that costs only a couple of hundred bucks is great — it can replace a laptop, and for many, it might be the best computer they can afford.

Whatever the case, the new Chromebook from Acer, at just AU$270, gives you all the functionality of ChromeOS and offers 12 hours of battery life. Amazing.


Hopefully this little beaut will make its way to Australia because it seems to be a solid offering at a really sweet price. It sports a Celeron dual-core processor (not a powerhouse, but sufficient to run ChromeOS), 2GB RAM (which in all likelihood is upgradeable) and 16GB of storage. There is an SD card reader to allow you access to more storage and as with all Chromebooks you’ll get 100GB of free Google Drive storage which is valid for 2 years from activation. It weighs in at 1.95kg with dimensions of 383mm x 256Dmm x 24.2mm and has has been tested to withstand a drop from about thigh height.

Here’s the kicker – Acer claim that you can get up to 12 hours out of a single charge, with brightness set quite low that is and it will — at an undetermined date in the future — get access to Android apps. It seems a pretty tidy package for users with a little gap in their electronics, perhaps wanting a first laptop for the kids or even as a gift for a not-so technically inclined friend or relative.

Does a cheap, solid and reasonably specced Chromebook capture your attention or are you not interested in them?

Source: Acer.
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    Sam Z.

    It sounds like a great deal. AUD 270 for it is cool.


    2GB of ram is quite slow on chromeos, once you open up a few tabs.