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Facebook seems to have pushed out a new update to some users here that added its latest and greatest feature called “Messenger Day” – a Snapchat-like feature that users can share with their friends.

Messenger Day is a new feature that allows users of the app service to link to video and photos while also at the same time, adding stickers or colouring over the photos and videos in a feed that expires in 24 hours. It kind of feels like Snapchat Stories.

The stickers that are available are categorised into groups that range from “I’m Feeling…” to “Who’s up for…”, just to name a couple with many more categories also available.

This new feature and update comes as Facebook announced it had begun testing “Messenger Day” in early October in Poland.

Mashable Australia had reached out to Facebook Inc. to confirm the new “Messenger Day” feature rollout, and was told by a Facebook Messenger spokesperson:

We know that people come to Messenger to share everyday moments with friends and family. In Poland we are running a small test of new ways for people to share those updates visually.

Furthermore, it seems that a Mashable staff member has also been able to test out “Messenger Day” feature, writing that Messenger Day is a little less intuitive than Snapchat and Instagram Stories:

“You have to manually select to write text (the Aa button), where with Snapchat and Instagram you simply touch the screen and the text or drawing options appear.

Sadly though, it seems that Messenger Day doesn’t have the face filters like the dog face or fairy face like Snapchat. A little disappointing, but more than likely could be added in future updates…..hopefully.

The update seems to be limited to certain users at this stage, and it isn’t known when it will reach everyone. Once we know more, we’ll share it here with you.

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Source: Mashable AustraliaTech Crunch.
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my messenger doesn’t show me who has seen my day. I’m disappointed

Jason Farah

absolutely hate this! my battery life has doubled in the time it takes to drain the battery, tapping on contacts has a slight delay now that the camera is always on.. even the battery info screen is showing facebook messenger using 61% of the battery from the 11% that it used to drain… How do I Opt out or revert to an original version before this horrible addition… They should’ve made this a stand alone app like they have done with their other horrible apps. update: I discovered how to temp opt out of Messengerday & save battery life: head… Read more »

Michael Goulding

I hate it. Wish they’d leave messenger app alone!


Woke up the other day

Kuba Sawicki

It’s slow, buggy,camera is on the whole time so it drains battery much more, app crashes sometimes when you wanna add a regular foto only in your conversation, nobody even asked me if I want to be a beta tester, and why the hell would I need a third app that does the same thing besides snapchat and instsgram. Get your shat together messenger team. You blew it.

Maciej Sawicki

I searched how to turn this off and found this article. The new feature is ridiculous, another facebook wall. It only clutters the home screen. The pull down to open camera is super irritating because you often accidentally turn on the camera.


I hate it so much. Messenger is already rubbish now this… i deleted snapchat for a reason it’s stupid and it also consumes too much data.

Phoenix Libra

I hate hate hate it!


Don’t mind the UI but I can see this lugging a phone down more than messenger currently does.


I uninstalled Snapchat but now it’s taken over my Messenger :/

Nick van der Veer

Can you turn this off? I hate it


I too want to opt out of it. The rounded corners of the main screen, the big blue button, the row of My Day at the top that I will never use, ti is all categorically awful to me. If I want to share something that my friends have the option of seeing, I’ll put it on my damned Facebook. The worst part is when I share a picture to a friend on Messenger and it adds a link at the bottom “add to My Day”. Um, there’s a reason I’m only sharing certain things with certain people (nothing suss… Read more »

Jason Murray

I got the update yesterday. Hate the new UI.

Theres a number of my friends using the Messenger Day feature already and posting multiple images though.


Yep, same. I hate the UI…wish I could just turn it off