A new mobile and online-only mortgage services company has launched in Australia, called Uno. They hope their service will help shake things up, by talking about the transparency that Uno is bringing to the mortgage brokering and the homes loan market here in Australia.

Uno, originally a company from Silicon Valley, has set out to design a digital mortgage service to help put the tools us consumers needs to help reduce the stress and general processing time to get a home loan, while also working with their developed direct relationships with their lenders to provide them with information and insights so they can continue to improve their products and processes which ultimately benefits you the consumer at the end of the day.

Basically, the service works just like say Aussie Home Loans, in which you can compare home loans that are available through their app (or website) to find the perfect home loan and simply apply for said home loan without the need to worry about searching or calling around. From my limited experience, this can be very daunting and stressful.

Further features of the Uno Home Loans app include the ability to:

  • Calculate your borrowing power to find out how much you could borrow across major lenders, to help you with your property search
  • Calculate how much you could save by refinancing your home loan
  • Save your data in our calculators, to come back to later
  • Share your account with someone else getting the home loan with you
  • Let us know your home loan preferences and personal situation
  • Shortlist and save home loans you like
  • Get an expert review, our experts will consider your personal situation and recommend home loans to suit you, which you can then view on the app
  • Upload relevant documents and information to support your application, all via the app
  • Apply for the home loan you choose through the app
  • Track your application all the way to settlement
  • A handy ‘to do’ list so you can keep track of what’s left to complete
  • Stay updated immediately of any changes via push notifications
  • Speak with our experts on the phone or via online chat
  • Complete your home loan application via the app!

Looking over at the app and having a bit of a quick play around, it does seem quite easy to use and seems to be relatively fast without any lagging and looking at the reviews, they have been quite positive.

If you want to find out more about Uno home loans, you can head over to their website or you can download the app via the Google Play store link below.

uno Home Loans
uno Home Loans
Developer: uno Home Loans
Price: Free

Editor: No, this isn’t a paid review. It’s a cool service that we thought you might be interested in.

Source: Uno Home Loans.
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    Sorry but if I am taking out a loan that will last 20+ years for hundreds of thousands of dollars then I think I might want a little more than an app and a call centre. Find a good mortgage broker who will visit you and they will do all the data entry for you as well as educate you ensuring you understand what you are doing.
    Editor: No this isn’t a paid review but I am a mortgage broker so I am biased! 🙂