Chromebooks have steadily spread their footprint through the technology world since they first came to be and it seems that manufacturers are beginning to become more innovative in their design. Asus have done exactly that with the leaked details of the C302CA which is an update to the 2015 convertible laptop that; with the assistance of a 360 degree swivel, converts into a tablet as well.

As is the current design standard the inputs which include USB Type-C, SD Card, audio jack and what could actually be a SIM slot, are on either side of the device. The spec on the upcoming Chromebook surprisingly includes 8GB of RAM which is a huge leap from other models, 32GB of storage driving a 12.5 inch HD screen. Bluetooh and Wifi are connectivity inclusions, so with the Google Drive storage that you get with a new Chromebook this device could fulfil the needs of many users without breaking a sweat.

Innovation and multi functionality in Chromebooks could be the driver for a new market, I’m keen to take a look at one of these if they appear in Australia for sure.

What is missing from the current generation of Chromebooks for you to jump on-board?

Source: Notebook Italia.
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I have the original asus flip and I like it a lot. My only complaint is its a tad slow in watching any vidoes(it has a slight stutter). I will certainly look at the new model or the new Samsung 3 Chromebook(it it is released in Australia)


A 256 GB card with Nougat should be good for a chromebook.

Jerry Reed

To win me over you’ll have to have more local storage for the times when WiFi and the cloud are not available.


The article says it has an SD card slot.

Phillip Molly Malone

The Flip style ChromeBook/Tablet looks great to me once you add Android Apps to it! I’m just waiting to see how the release of new models falls out and I think I am a big chance to add one to my gadget family! Possibly replacing my Nexus 7!