Google originally back in August, through its Google Now section was originally testing a Dashboard tab that showed cards and info from other services which included a new, ‘Upcoming’ tab that shows cards related to what’s happening soon and nearby.

This new ‘Upcoming’ tab includes cards that are more urgent and pressing which include update information that includes things like commute, trips, calendar, day-to-day tasks and a few more.

According to 9to5 Google, this section is most commonly referred to as a “snapshot of what’s coming up,” for which tracking updates from your Gmail account will also show up here. Whilst similar to Google Assistant’s ability to detail your itinerary for the day, the tab does not include any new cards.

Furthermore, cards such as weather and sports will still remain within the main Google Now feed but are now represented by a newspaper icon. The addition of tabs within the new update is more than likely a newer and better way to let users sift through the information they receive on a daily basis through Google.

9to5 Google have compared the version from the update in August to this one and they have said that “the tabs are much narrower and the text naming the tabs have been removed” instead though on first receiving the new updated features, users are shown a tutorial that focusses user’s attention on the new tab that explains whats new and what has changed and where things are exactly.

It seems though, the feature is still rolling out to those on the latest version of the Google app beta, however apparently, not all users on build version 6.7 have received this update and the new features. Recent update to the Google App have renamed Google Now to Feed whilst also adding a new widget that shows notifications right on the homescreen under the search bar.

Are you a Google App beta users? Have you received the update yet? Let us know if you like the new features or not in the comments below.

Source: 9to5 Google.