Hot on the heels of LGs latest flagship – the LG V20 which is, incidentally, coming to Australia – LG has announced the release of a smaller variant of the device in Japan, named the LG V34.

What’s different between a V20 and a V34 other than 14? Let’s find out.

The V34 (seriously what’s up with this naming scheme?) is basically the same device as the V20 but features a more compact 5.2-inch body and a slightly reduced 3000mAh battery.

Apart from that, it’s sporting all the same specs – including a QHD display, the V series’ famous secondary display, fingerprint sensor, Snapdragon 820, 4GB of RAM and Android 7.0 out of the box. It’s unclear if the V34 will be released anywhere outside of Japan, but with those specs at that size there could be some demand for the device.

Would you be interested in the LG V34 if it came to Australia? Let us know below.

Source: 9to5Google.
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Brett H

If it had a 5.5″ screen then I would be interested but 5.2″ is no bigger then my s6 edge. So V20 it is for me.

David Griffiths

The LG V34 has an embedded battery, right? So not technically it’s 100% the same specs as LG V20…?

Amol Ghodke

Yes I want it for sure


Would buy this in a heart beat. Will probably be grabbing a v20 but the size does concern me!

Clyde Jones

chances are it’ll be an ‘exclusive’ to either JB or Telstra. Which means very little sales


Chances are it will remain a Japan exclusive!


Snapdragon 820 = Fail

Ali Kaddouh

I love the 5.7 inch phone


I’d be much more interested in the V34 than the V20. A 5.2″ screen seems a nice compromise to me.


Agreed, It’d be the G5 without the bootloop + Nougat


It’s meant to be IP67 rated too!