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After what has been a very disastrous final 3 months for Samsung with Galaxy Note 7’s suddenly exploding and catching fire, reports are surfacing from Korean news outlet, The Korean Herald, reporting that Samsung is planning to streamline its flagship portfolio in order to focus on ensuring better quality on its main flagship line, the Galaxy S lineup.

The reports have suggested that the adjustment to releasing only one flagship device is largely due to the tight release schedule which Samsung has to keep up with in order to release both flagships Galaxy devices being the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series each year, which in turn can and does largely impact quality and build of both devices.

However, a representative from one of Samsung’s partner firms has stated that “Samsung has not notified suppliers” of any plans to ditch the current two-flagship Galaxy device strategy the company has had in place for a while now.

Sadly though, this is all based on speculation and there is no other and more stronger reports or word from Samsung that confirms that they are ditching the Galaxy Note line-up just yet. It would be a big blow if it was the case for Galaxy Note fans who are still unsure and looking for a replacement to this year’s Galaxy Note 7, following the recall and rumours of the line’s demise completely.

Until we hear from Samsung confirming that they will just release only one high end flagship device, we would suggest taking this news with a grain of salt.

Do you think Samsung will kill off the Galaxy Note line and just focus on one flagship Galaxy device next year? Les us know your thoughts below.

Source: The Korean Herald.
Via: 9 to 5 Google.

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Luke Vesty
Ausdroid Reader
Luke Vesty

The Galaxy Note line is definitely dead. It has stigma and dread all over it like a rash. I can see them turning to the Edge as their large screen alternative, maybe adding a stylus as well. But the “Note” brand – it’s gone.

Brad Young
Brad Young

I think they may release 2 versions of the same phone at the same time. One with a stylus and one without. This would allow them to make up for Galaxy note 7 losses and the bad name. Call it the s8 Stylus or as others have said s8 pro


maybe only this time to catch up for the Note7.
So, S8 & S8pro(stylus), then S9 & Note9.
The 1/2 year gap gives them more time for production logistics & trying interim improvements. It’s not smart to rush Note7 replacement again or wait a whole year for the phablet/stylus version.|
Whatever happens, we cannot downgrade to anything less.
I’m still on Note 4 with removable battery & IR remote.
Note 8 with Usb-c 3.1+ UFS memory card, dual/180° cam, iris scanner & a FAT longer lasting battery would be good upgrade.

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