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It’s happened, Google has released the factory images, OTA images and binaries for their brand new Pixel phones. For those who were worried they may not do this, worry no more. The Pixel may be their first #MadeByGoogle premium device but that doesn’t mean they have forgotten then developer focused roots. On an interesting note, the images are currently hosted under the Nexus branding, I wonder if they will adjust this in time?

The images on offer are build number NDE63H, NDE63L, and NDE63P. NDE63H is what is currently on both the Telstra and Retail variants sold in Australia. Unlike the Verizon models which seem to be getting a software update today to fix “WiFi issues”, all of the Australia variants seem to be sticking with their launch software, at least for now.

If you are the type to want to adjust your hardware seeing the images and binaries go up is great news. It shouldn’t be too long until we start seeing nightly builds of custom Pixel ROMs.

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