In the past couple of years I have reviewed both the Huawei Mate 7 and the Mate 8. The Mate 8 was a beautiful phone and reminded me a lot of the Huawei-made Nexus 6P. The Mate 7 was mid range while the Mate 8 was a better build and nicer looking phone overall. Judging from the renders we have seen leaked so far it seems the Mate 9 is going to continue this progression in the quality of the Mate phones from Huawei.

Overnight Evan Blass has once again done his thing and leaked yet more photos of the Mate 9, adding to those that we have already seen. The renders are less pixelated than the previous leaks and the stylish Mate 9 can be seen with it dual rear Leica-branded camera setup. The render shows a curved edge on the display which Venture Beat have reported as being the “Pro” version of the Mate 9 with a 2K curved display (1080P on the standard version).

From previous leaks we know that the Mate 9 will arrive in various colours and storage options of 256GB paired with 6GB of RAM, 128GB paired with 4GB of RAM and 64GB paired with 4GB of RAM. With the standard version sporting a 5.9″ 1080P display, Kirin Octa-Core processor, microSD slot (because 256GB is not enough?) and USB-C. With prices set to be around $600-900 for the standard version it will be interesting to see what the Pro version retails for, assuming we see it here in Australia. The Pro version is aimed to be Daydream VR compatible as well making it a very enticing device.

***UPDATE*** Before this post even went live Evan Blass was at it again tweeting out that the Mate 9 has a 4 x optical zoom and also a possible price for a fully specced Pro version of the Mate 9. At $1300 we can only hope that is the price in Chinese RMB.

Huawei is hosting an event in Germany on November 3 at which the Mate 9 is expected to be announced so hopefully it will all become clear very soon. I for one cannot wait and when Huawei come knocking with review unit(s) I will be the first to stick my hand up to try it, just like I did the last two Mates.

Source: @evleaks.
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Yusuf I S

Gee I hope that pro vision comes to Australia. I’ve been waiting for a premium 6 inch screen phone


What phone is the lead pic in this article? The leaks down the bottom don’t have an off-screen physical home button, but the top one does. Are they not the same phone then?


I was very close to getting a P9, but after a decent play with the device I just couldn’t stomach the emui overlay.

Alex Kelly

What do you think the chances are of this coming to Telstra?
Was going to grab a Pixel XL tomorrow, not sure if it’s worth the wait to find out, I think it’s quite unlikely although they do carry the P9…..

Major Sceptic

I have had a go of the pixel devices , they look to be good devices, they seem to be fairly nippy in their operation.
Me personally , I think they are a bit on the bland side, and not enough bells and whistles for the coin .
Mate 9, one plus 4, galaxy S8 might be worth waiting for a look imo.

Alex Kelly

I sold my Nexus 5X cheap because I was set on getting a Pixel. Now they just suck and I dunno what to do. Can’t really wait months with a HTC One M7 that won’t hold its charge. D:

Major Sceptic

i cant really steer you , because you might have different requirements , personally i still think the S7 edge is probably the best device of the year when all things are considered, features/hardware/battery life,camera ,etc. but not everyone likes touchwiz (or the glass back) even though i think it is leaps and bounds better than earlier versions . i think i did see the P9 in telstra when i was there on friday if my grey matter is not deceiving me 🙂 . JB hi fi also had the P9 too i think , i dont mind the P9… Read more »


Is this Huawei top of the range device? What about the P9? How can you have two hero devices range?

Major Sceptic

There was also the P9 plus just to add to the confusion ?.


i assume that they can the same way that Samsung have the S series and the note series. The Mate is traditionally bigger than the P series – this is the first year the specs have been this high end though.

David Hall

I love the idea of 4x optical zoom

Major Sceptic

Yep sounds good.