It has been covered to death recently, the Galaxy Note 7 has a fault in the battery that causes them to overheat and smoke out. If the Google+ post by Elisha Loewen is accurate then it may not just be the Note 7, but also the S7 Edge that suffers from the fault.

My Galaxy S7 Edge just caught fire today as I was driving home from work. I smelled something burning and thought it was my engine then I notice smoke coming from my console under my radio where I keep my phone. I picked it up and it was extremely hot, then threw it out the car window. I pulled over and covered it in snow to snuff the flame. Bell won’t refund me or give me a new phone, they said I had to deal directly with Samsung. They wanted me to email them a bunch of photos and stuff, then they said one of their specialists will get back to me. I just want a refund so I can buy a phone that’s not a Samsung.

Until the report is substantiated, I’ll be taking it with a grain (or shovel) of salt but the potential it could be related to the Note 7’s well publicised issues are certainly worth further investigation.

If you’re currently looking for a phone, will anything Samsung be figuring in your shopping list?

Source: Google Plus.
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Ashley Sommer

I guess people don’t realise that phone batteries blow up all the time. Its just the higher-than-normal occurrence of the Note 7 incidents that has people wanting to blast it all over the news sites now. I used to work at a mobile phone repair store. I had an iPhone 4S blow up in my hand after I had just replaced the screen and reassembled it (no, I didn’t puncture the cell). A few days later we also had a 2nd hand iPhone 4 battery sitting on the parts shelf spontaneously blow up. After those two incidents we invested in… Read more »

Glenn Batten

I smell bull5h17


Agreed! Sounds like someone decided that they may have spent too much money and is looking for a way to get a refund.

Glenn Batten

Or broke it and decided to burn it to gt a new phone


I feel like there should be a Black Mirror episode about this…


and an iphone 7 as well last week. While there are always the odd occurrence of overheating batteries (leading to fire etc) each year… while the Note 7 is not just an occurrence, it has drawn attention to all the times other devices batteries do go up in smoke. I still believe the issue is that Samsung pushed so hard to get the Note 7 out that they completely skipped the Note 6…. they should have stuck with the Note 6 and none of this would have happened. Clearly the 7 is the issue here (Note 7, iphone 7, S7… Read more »


The Note 7 was the Note 6. They just changed the name.


“completely skipped the note 6” oh how I lol’d…


Now, now. Don’t be like that…

*surpresses laughter*

Mark Corlson

Never heard anything about exploding phones as much as we are until the Note 7 debacle. I most certainly will be taking it with a pinch of salt.