On release date there wasn’t much in the way of protection available for the new Pixels (Pixel and Pixel XL) which is nothing new for Google. Nexus devices rarely had cases ready within weeks of the phone release. This year is different. Not only are Google making a concerted effort to make sure everyone knows about the Pixels but are also doing a good job at having stock of accessories available. With people experiencing issues buying from the Play Store, Telstra and JB HiFi may be the best available for most so it is good to see some official accessories arriving at JB Hifi.

Several of us have seen the Incipio cases and aftermarket tempered glass screen protectors at JB Hifi but now there are also Google-made/branded cases. The coloured cases are not available yet but the clear Google cases are now available at JB Hifi in both the soft silicon case and the hard crystal case. A black flexible silicone case is also available. At $50 they are not the cheapest case going around but if you are someone who loves an official case then hit up JB Hifi.


It is good to see Google seemingly making such a good fist of the Pixel launch and hopefully it translates into sales for them so the program can continue in the future. From anecdotal evidence and comments from JB Hifi staff and accessory manufacturers there is a large demand for these phones. If you do not have one yet I urge you to go and check them out and now you know that if you want an official case you do not have to deal with the Play Store.

Thanks: Jamie.
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Mark Peterson

Not worth the $50. Bought the clear case and after a week it’s very scratched up after light use.


Saw the official cases at JB Hifi Carindale on the weekend. I think it was around $50 for a standard solid clear plastic case… Wasn’t worth it imho but would have made the purchase if money wasn’t an issue. Had a clear gel case come from China yesterday and it fits great; was $10 for two of them delivered less than a week after launch.


Isn’t the live case official case?


Just picked up the offical Google Silicone case in dark grey from JB Hifi. It is heaps nicer than the Incipio one. Feels very high quality. On par with Apple silicone cases and very similar design. Has a little ‘G’ on the back. It is absolutely perfect case. Happy to pay $55 for a decent case rather than buying a bunch of cheap ones before deciding to spend some money on a good one. Very happy with my purchase.

Adam Williams

There’s also a third party case that gives it water proofing, 5 meters for 4 hours I think it is.


Any idea what it’s called?

Bootloops Anonymous

It’s the life proof, Android Central did an article featuring it a couple of days ago, I think the title was something like “How to waterproof your Pixel.”


I actually bought an official clear Pixel case from JB HiFi on launch day. Perhaps I was lucky.

Jamie S

The Hobart city JB store told me they had people lined up waiting on release day and sold around 5 units in the first 5 mins. It’s great to see Google accessories available so soon after release without having to order online and wait for it