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In one of those “oh I didn’t realise it didn’t already do that” moments, Google has now added new functionality to Google Photos that will surface albums along with images when you do an image search via the App or web interface. The new feature seems to be server side and not reliant on an app update, so you may very well already have the feature.

Previously when you searched for say “mobile phone” you would have been greeted with a grid of all of your images that matched that search. Following the update you will still be greeted with a grid of images, sorted by date, but you will also get a carousel at the top that list showing you any albums that also contained images that matched your query, and if you’ve got more than 3 matching albums you can swipe the carousel over to see them all.

Here is the new search results on Mobile:

And via the Web:

Google continues to make small improvements to Google Photos and with each incremental update, the service continues to become both intelligent and indispensable. If you are ever looking for a Google product to make your case about how great Google’s open platform AI-based approach to technology is, Google Photos is that app, every person I have shown it to has either installed it themselves or asked for help setting it up, except that one bloke in Australia with a Nokia Windows phone.

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Let us know what feature you want to see come to Google Photos next!

Source: Android Police.