Keep an eye out for that logo on your favourite online shops, because where you see that, you’ll be able to pay online using Android Pay. Better yet, it’s going to be a lot easier to find, with Google’s new partnership with Visa and Mastercard to bring Android Pay just about everywhere … or at least, any merchant that accepts Visa Checkout or Masterpass payments.

The great news is that merchants won’t need to do anything to take advantage of Android Pay payments; as long as Visa Checkout or Masterpass is already enabled, they’ll be able to benefit from Android Pay without changing a single thing. This is great for business, but better for the consumer. Instead of having to remember different usernames and passwords for different sites, or even different cards, users will be able to pay using their fingerprint — more secure than any username or password combination.

The ink is still drying on these agreements, so don’t expect to see Android Pay everywhere just yet; Google tells us this new integration should show up in the Android Pay app early next year.

Source: Google Blog.
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Iain Simmons

Seems like a slightly stupid question, but would this only work when you have the corresponding Visa/Mastercard? Only my Amex card works with Android Pay at the moment…