Except for iPhones, you can find NFC elements in just about every Android phone these days, but certainly not all. Some older phones don’t have NFC (or Near Field Communications), and even some modern phones leave it out in their more budget lines. Regardless of reason, not everyone has NFC, but being able to use your phone to pay is kind of cool.

If you’re an iPhone user, then your options are very limited, but on Android, even though we have Android Pay, not every bank is on board just yet. While many — including NAB, which this article is about — do have their own Tap’n’Pay apps, you might not have the required hardware, or you might want something that’s somewhat independent from your phone.

So, for NAB customers, you can now order a PayTag. This is exactly what Commonwealth Bank offered a few years back. It’s a sticker which you put on the back of your phone (or anything really, it doesn’t matter what) and you can use it just like mobile payments, or like a tap’n’pay credit or debit card, because that’s exactly what it is — in sticker form.

You can order a NAB PayTag online or by calling them up. Best bet is to order online though, which you can do through NAB’s website.

Thanks: Jamie S.
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I’ve been using NAB nfc for Android for a while now. It’s pretty clean and easy. Nice to see they’re accommodating those phones with no nfc. Although the security of that is a little plexing.


Looks like NAB’s technologies are the worst among the big Banks in Australia. They don’t have the ability to r&d new products nor work with Apple or Google.


Not sure it’s the lacking ability, more the lacking in willingness.


Agree, willingness exactly.


Well with their own app that seems to work well there isn’t much need on the android side.


I mean since we already have real contactless payment. Why we use this payment to have nfc tag on the phone?

Alan Cramer

Personally my favorite is to use a Razor Blade to slice a slit in the side of your hand and insert the PayTag there. Wait for it to heal and all of a sudden, you can make payments like a wizard.


My god if this weren’t so graphic, it’d be amusing.