It seems that in the USA at least, if you want to buy a Pixel Phone from Google you’ll have at least a 3-week wait for stock. Reports are coming in that even those who were previously given sooner ship dates are now being told that the “Shipping department is running 3 weeks behind”.  However, if you live in the greatest nation on earth (Australia in case that was unclear) you can still order you Pixel in any size, colour or storage capacity you like for what looks to be immediate delivery.

In an official statement on the stock shortages, a Googler gave the following statement to 9to5Google.

We’re thrilled to see the excitement for our new Pixel phones, and frankly pre-order demand has exceeded our expectations. We’re working to restock our inventory as soon as possible.

We have to admit we are somewhat surprised at the popularity of the Pixel phone, especially the outright handsets. With the Pixels premium pricing, it wasn’t clear how well the device would sell. Of course, we don’t really know how well the device has sold, we just know it’s sold better than Google’s supply chain can handle.

It will be interesting to see if we ever get metrics on how well the Pixels are selling. In speaking with many Australia stockists we are consistently hearing that the device is “moving well”, and according to one accessory supplier in Australia they also have seen higher demand for cases than they were originally anticipating.

Perhaps this really was perfect timing for the release of the Pixels, with there being no recently released high-end western focused Android phones on the market, the Note 7 issues blowing up and Nexus fans ready for new devices it looks as if even Google didn’t expect the devices to sell as well as they are.

For those wanting Google’s hardware strategy to succeed this is great news, for those hoping they would be forced back into the more affordable hardware market, not so much.

Source: 9to5Google.
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One week after the launch of the Pixel my friend, who ordered via the Google store online, has still not received his phone. Instead he has received a notice to pay GST before the device will be released from customs.

He just sent me this:

“Never ordering through google store again.”

Colossal stuff up, Google.


This is all meaningless as we have no idea how many google have in supply and how many are being built from their suppliers.

Its the same every year with googles devices. Its going to settle soon as it always spikes on launch. Until we get an exact figure from somewhere giving a specific number that have been sold or even number activated its just all speculation

Carol Liddle

Shame, should have just gone to JB and bought one.

Yiming Li

First of all, Very silver Pixel XL 128G has run out on Google store…… Second of all, even if you can order them. It can’t pass Customs……All the orders from Google Store stuck in the Customs. And Google not even aware of it… Can you guys do something?


Google knows and they know they are going to get into trouble over this one. I refuse to buy anything from the google store any more due to them charging us GST and keeping it for themselves and for dodging tax which means we pay overseas transaction charges.. So much for do no evil, they are evil.


I called Google and they said the transaction fee can be credited back. Yes, I hate for them keeping the GST and we have to have long wait at custom because no GST. But jb never have 128 xl silver in stock.


Today, on the train, I noticed something genuinely stare at my Pixel as I was holding it. He just looked at the back with a very intrigued look on his face.

I don’t know why… But it felt good. I felt validated.