With Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL phones now on sale, it’s time for Google to roll out the ads, and the latest features a less-than-safe motorcycle rider expressing that riding a bike — in the most unsafe fashion I can imagine — is the key to freedom.

Poor judgment in the depiction of personal and public safety aside, it is a Pixel ad, so jump on down below and feast your eyes on one of many ways you should never ride a motorbike.

That video looks remarkably stable too — maybe a small nod to the Pixel’s video stabilisation feature?

Google is keeping up the momentum with a markedly different campaign for their new phones – typically, smartphone ads focus on features, specs and design but these ads are showing a very different approach.

Remember, kids: never try this, at home or anywhere!

What do you think of Google’s Pixel ads? Let us know below.

Source: Google.
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Part of me thinks this particular ad was meant to cause a bit of a stir and make it onto the news to get even more publicity… ACA has dedicated many segments to condemning kids doing stunts on motorcycles….

ray bradley

To bad there all sold out

Daniel Johns

I love the ads, there actually entertaining to watch


Ha, rad!

I’m loving this new, aggressive phone marketing from Google. Very cool.