LG has not had a very happy year when it comes to their phones. While the V20 promises to be a great phone, the G5 was a sales failure despite being technically capable. With LG dumping the modules idea they are looking for other ways to innvoate and set themselves apart from the pack. Today a Korean news site is reporting that the G6 will have iris recognition.

Using a module integrated into the front facing camera LG plan to show this off in the coming days, and have it launch on their phones in 2017. While it is not known for sure whether it will arrive with the G6, it is suspectd that it will.

With iris scanning apparently a lot more secure than a fingerprint reader (one in a million fingerprints versus one in a billion iris scans), LG hope to make the G6 one of the most secure phones available, with information pointing towards it being used for payment services as well as unlocking.

Samsung have previously used iris scanning with their devices with some success. LG are hoping to build on this and hopefully have some success with the G6.

Have you used iris recognition on a phone before? How did you find it? Would an iris scanner be a spec that may sway you one way or the other when considering your next phone purchase?

Source: DT.co.
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It’s pretty much an ugly duckling in the phone world with dissapointing battery.iris scanner not interested prefer better built phone more astetically beautiful phone better camera ,thinner phone .LG no idea.


Couldn’t care less. However if they do want to do some useful things, a 4K OLED display (for VR), wireless charging, and a big battery would help their chances against the rumoured G8 specs.

Lee Hall

If they can make unlocking your phone using an iris scanner quicker than a fingerprint it would be a feature I’m interested in. If the selling point is purely because iris recognition is a little bit more secure I don’t see the point. If we’re concerned that fingerprints aren’t secure enough then we have become way too paranoid. I’m yet to hear a story of someone going through the effort of stealing a phone then somehow replicating a fingerprint to unlock it.


It’s a thousand times more secure. You could also unlock the phone with gloves on.


Is lifting a fingerprint from a phone and unlocking it something you think you are going to hear about? I don’t think attackers are going to boast about it and provide evidence that they did. It’s been proven possible…has it been proven Iris scanners can be defeated only with access to the device?

No lock, and unlockable are in the same bucket, separated only by difference in difficulty.

Then you have a separate bucket where no one knows how to break a security protection (or it is impossible).

David Hall

I use the iris scanner on my 950XL. be ok if I could hold the phone further away