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We’ve already covered some news on a supposed Samsung Chromebook Pro a couple of weeks ago, and it looks as if the South Korean giant may in fact be working on a second ChromeOS based device in parallel. The Chromebook Pro, with its internal codename of Kevin, appears to have a sister named Caroline.

What we know looks a bit like this, thanks to those at ChromeUnboxed.com:

  • Caroline is an Intel Skylake based device, with most of the same features as the Chromebook Pro
  • There’s a link between Caroline and Kevin that shows the stylus and digitiser hardware being used.
  • Commits to the Chrome source-code used by Samsung with a Samsung developer email address links back to the Kevin device.
  • There’s further commits by this email address, going back as far as the Chromebox 2 and Series 5 550 Chromebook.

What does this gibberish mean? In truth, who knows, but it has the boffins at ChromeUnboxed absolutely convinced that there’s not one, but two, premium Samsung Chromebooks to be announced in the not too distant future, and we have to say, this is very exciting news. Chrome has stagnated a little bit, and with the advent of the Play Store for Chrome, the possibilities have infinitely expanded.

We can’t wait to see some new premium ChromeOS devices coming into the Australian market, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted as any news comes about.

Source: ChromeUnboxed.

Chris Rowland   Managing Editor

Chris Rowland

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