If you’re an ALDImobile customer (or indeed, a Telstra customer) then this news could be important for you. Telstra will be closing the doors on its 2G network (and its 2100 MHz 3G network) on 1 December 2016, and this will affect anyone who’s using Telstra’s network, including those on ALDImobile whose services are provided by Telstra.

The reality is, these days, most ALDImobile and Telstra customers won’t be affected by this, but those who are using particularly old handsets may face issues after the shutdown. Those customers identified at risk have (or should have) received SMS messages from ALDImobile about the shutdown and what they need to do to avoid issue.

In short, if your mobile handset supports the newer 3G bands including 850MHz, you won’t have any issue. Most phones sold in the last five years or so would fall into this category, so unless you have an unusually old phone, or something a bit exotic, chances are you won’t be affected.

There are limited places in ALDImobile’s network footprint where there is only 2G coverage and no 3G, so customers shouldn’t find too many places where there’s no mobile signal anymore come 1 December.

If you’re concerned that you or someone you know is using an older phone on ALDImobile or Telstra, your best bet is to check (or direct them to) for further information.

We note that both Optus and Vodafone are making similar moves in coming months to close their 2G networks, so it’s a good time to upgrade those old phones before they become unusable.

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    Wasn’t aware Telstra was getting rid of the 2100Mhz 3G network. Refarming for LTE I guess.

    The Aldi page is riddled with errors though

    “If your handset is compatable with the 2100MHz network, this is 2G network technology and you will need to replace your phone.” .. this makes no sense.


    Lol, at least our article got the info right.