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Typo, the unique stationery and homewares store, has Mini VR headsets available as part of their Christmas lineup of gift ideas, for just $14.99.

Typo have stated that the VR headsets support most iOS & Android smartphones, though there aren’t any specific models listed on their website. The headsets also have a QR code for use in Google’s Cardboard app to ensure you get the best VR Experience possible.

The headsets come in a range of colours which include total black, pink and black, white and silver, yellow and black and finally green and black.

You can order the Typo VR headsets either from their website which includes delivery costs (depending on where you are) or by picking up one from your local Typo store.

Source: Typo.

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Samuel Nthoroane
Samuel Nthoroane

No button!!!?

Yianni Soc
Ausdroid Reader

Doesn’t have a capacitive touch button, makes it a pain to select things on the phone while it’s in the headset.
Cheap tho.

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