Are you a Mo Bro or Mo Sista? Are you growing a moustache this month to help raise awareness for men’s health issues, or are you supporting someone who is? Maybe you’ve already got a hairy face and can’t grow an extra moustache, but you’d like to show support in some way.

Regardless of your motivation, you can now grab a Moustache watchface for your Android Wear device, like we have, and show your support that way. It’s important we point out that (a) this app isn’t an official Movember thing, as best as we can tell anyway, and (b) there are in-app purchases to enable some premium content.

With that out of the way, the watch-face is quite cool, and has found a place on my Moto 360 v2 for the next month at least anyway.

Mustache Watch Face
Mustache Watch Face
Developer: The Hoodie Studio
Price: Free
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    Joshua Hill

    The moustache doesn’t appear in the free version.


    Yes it does, but not by default. Open the app on your phone, and select a badge.

    Joshua Hill

    Thank you kind sir. The free version has a lot of useful customisation and I thought I’d checked it all out. Obviously not though 😉