Everyone, including us here at Ausdroid, is all gaga about the Google Pixel phones. The Pixel phones, while some people seem to think they are a bit bland, are a well designed, solid build that feels good in the hand. For those who are put off purchasing one by the cost can now get a good deal on the unofficial predecessor to the Pixel phones, designed and made by the same people who made the Pixel, the HTC 10.

For a limited time JB Hi-Fi have the HTC 10 handset in grey and silver on sale at $100 off at only $899. Launching mid April of this year it was a big hit with Dan when he reviewed it earlier this year and he concluded “HTC have almost comprehensively nailed it with the HTC 10”. Undoubtedly HTC can make decent hardware and their software has improved immensely in the past few years.

You can now get the HTC 10 at the discounted price of $899 at JB Hi-Fi for a limited time. If you are interested either hit their stores or their website to grab one while you can.

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The HTC 10 has been stubbornly overpriced even though it isn’t water-resistant like the S7. I got my S7 for $920 on launch day from The Good Guys…

I can find S7s online for less than $850 now (Aus stock)…Even the LG V20 will be less than this soon. Online the G5 can be found for even less than $600 now…


I moved from a Nexus to a htc10. I regret the decision. The hardware is great but the phone app sucks and doesn’t seem to be replaceable without causing issues. Their other apps don’t add value and are less usable than the Google counterparts.

Christophe C.

Not sure why that phone hasn’t got a higher profile. I’ve recently upgraded to the HTC 10 after carefully considering all the other flagship phones and I concluded it to be the best value proposition for my requirements: it’s fast, slim, well-made, and it offers a pretty good Android experience (speaking as a long-time Nexus user) and, with that deal, is now not noticeably more expensive than a S7. In fact, I’ve compared it to my wife’s S7 and I’m glad I chose the HTC (comparable specs, camera and battery but better sound, which is important to me) The only… Read more »


Google phones in Aus are over priced I buy my phones outright and I can afford a google pixel phone I just refuse to pay that ridiculous asking price when there is so much better offerings for less like the xiaomi note 2 better specs better battery better looking and five hundred dollars cheaper . The Google phone is such a plain Jane .


Agreed, quality is not what it should be for that price. I suspect next year will be different and I might be convinced to part with my money for one as long as it will last the 2 years with ease.
If only Google would supply firmware updates for at least 3 years not 2.

Simon Quach

I still would get the Pixel due to the software.

Major Sceptic

Not a bad idea , SD card/1440 screen/DAC ……… here we come …… $100+ Australian cheaper than that other one… we come !


Not going to lie, $100 off and it’s still more expensive than what I got a pixel for. Check please!!!


The htc website has it for $150 off for $549. Even if it weren’t on sale, it’d still be cheaper than this website has it listed for. Htc sells it at a retail price of $699.

Oliver Ward

Thats the USA site.


That’s still ridiculously expensive.

Wouldn’t surprise me if the HTC 10 sold under 1,000 units in Australia with a price like that.


Kogan had it at $650 a short while back.

Wouldn’t be surprised if it weren’t $500 by xmas.