Monday , October 23 2017

IFTTT sports a redesigned app with Recipes now called Applets


IFTTT, which re-branded as IF, and now seems to be back to IFTTT again, is one of those online bits of glue that’s really helpful for some, and completely confusing to others. Basically it’s useful for connecting things — for example, you can use it to get a weather forecast pushed to your phone each morning, through to more complex actions like turning on your lights when a sensor detects that you’re home.

In an update pushed to its web and app properties, the name IFTTT is back, and Recipes (the connections to you make to make things happen) are now called Applets, which is probably a slightly more appropriate name — these are, after all, little tiny apps which are supposed to make things easier or more useful.

The new interface, though, might take some getting used to for existing users. The opening window is now Discover, which shows a list of popular Applets, and you can expand each one or turn them on/off as you wish.

Users can then use the navigation bar to flick between Discover, Search, and My Applets, which is where you’ll be creating all the useful connections that IFTTT has become known for.

In short, the update is a welcome lick of paint, but really is little more than this — the functionality of the service remains essentially unchanged.

Developer: IFTTT
Price: Free

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