There can be little doubt that Google is finally marketing their Android Phones in a big way. The Pixels have seen more pre and post advertising than any previous hardware endeavour that Google has undertaken. According to a report, this marketing has been so successful Google can’t keep up with demand.

9to5Google is reporting that app analytics from AppBoy is showing that the Pixel is showing improved market uptake over last year’s Nexus 6P. More significantly, they found that the typical trend of a phone’s uptake spiking on Day 2 of sale did not occur.

Rather the Pixel and Pixel XL both experienced their ‘uptick’ when the Play Store pre-orders finally arrived in users hands a few days later. The device continues to be difficult to source in the USA both online and from Verizon, though there are fewer issues here in Australia with lots of stock in stores.

Overall the analysis of the app usage data suggests that Google does indeed have a ‘hit’ on their hands, in comparison to their own previous hardware efforts, despite the unjustifiably obscene pricing of the device. It will be interesting to see if we ever get solid market data to indicate how the Pixels have fared against the market at large.

Speaking of Google’s successful marketing, in a continued push of their marketing, the company  has released 2 more videos, one focusing on their apparently ongoing campaign for poor motorcycle safety, and the other on the unlimited cloud storage that comes along with a Pixel. Check them out below.

Are you waiting to buy a Pixel? Let us know (and why) below.

Source: 9to5Google.
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will google ever release sales names/profits from Pixel on their next quarterly report? 🙂


Still waiting for my pixel xl 128gb.


In white.

Emilio Cervantes

Was dealing between, Moto Z Force and Pixel, but since the Moto does NOT have the headphone jack, I will go pixel. Stupid Motorola why did they get rid of the headphone jack? I still love my Turbo.

Preston John

That is exactly my case also


“despite the unjustifiably obscene pricing of the device”

Really Duncan? Come on.


Considering Apple’s never struggled for sales with their “obscenely” priced phones, maybe what we’ll all learn from this is a phone can be most appealing when it provides premium features and support, with the price to match.


And yet it isn’t ready for that. The next version probably so when they have worked out the issues. they jumped the price obscenely too fast before they established the worth of the device.
It isn’t worth 1300 yet.

It still amazes me that people bitch that a MS Surface Pro at $1,999 is too expensive but a small phone with similar tech is worth 1400 for lesser specs….


If it’s not ready for the price than why is it selling so well at that price?

Google isn’t a charity and they just made a very smart business decision.

Also there is no issues with the Pixel.

Ahhh yeahhhh

..and this is why you don’t work for Google

Jack Smith

A phone with the best camera ever but is not worth the same as an iPhone? Sorry not following.


And yet one fits in your pocket!

Stephen Reeves

My New Phone Feeling kicks in on Saturday, but I might hold off until the 10th so I can get Daydream View VR at the same time!