For many people the Telstra network is their only option if they want decent phone reception all the time. Unfortunately some of the offerings from Telstra can sometimes be a bit on the pricey side, with limited value when it comes to data. Their prepaid offerings are definitely in this category. Lucky there is at least one MVNO which uses the full Telstra network, including their 4G network, and has some good plans. This is Boost Mobile and they have just introduced another decent offering to their customers.

Previously Boost Mobile had $25 ULTRA+ and $40 UNLTD+ and $50 UNLTD+ plans. The new plan replaces the $25 plan and is a $30 UNLTD+ plan. It includes unlimited calls and texts to standard Australian numbers, 3GB data plus a bonus 1GB every weekend. In total, the recharge will deliver Boost Mobile customers 7GB of data for 28 days.

Boost’s Ian Blackhall has said that:

Once again, we’re listening to our customers to improve our offers and give them more of what they want. We know our customers want more but we didn’t expect that 44% of Australian women would abstain from sex for a month in exchange for free data. So we are giving them what they asked for, and ‘treating’ them accordingly allowing them to live their connected lives free from data fears


For those who are out and about on weekends this is the ideal plan, especially when backed by the extensive Telstra network. Some of their plans have changed in recent times so it may be an idea to check them out if you are with Boost Mobile to see if you are getting the best possible bang for your buck.

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Yianni soc

i signed up to get the $20 for $40 deal on Tuesday and still yet to receive the simcard in the mail. Any others finding the same thing, or i’m just “lucky”?

Michael Huang

The network coverage with Boost is really great. I went to Tasmania in December last year with several friends, and we went astray in the jungle there. Everyone’s mobile connection dropped except one who is on a Boost $20 plan. Thanks to her network carrier, we were lucky to find our way out of the jungle.


would be great if you include your source to the article.


Our source was a press release from Boost.


But they are still re-charging me each month on the $20 plan.


Going to be out and about on the weekend


Gonna be out and about on the weekendcomment image


See the 44% part?


what is this “calls and texts”? unlimited data or it’s not unlimited.


Calls and texts aren’t “data” in the accepted use of the word…


But at least with Telstra you can use all your monthly credit at Google Play. So you are getting twice the value.

Björn Rostron

Not anymore I didn’t think. I thought they scrapped that freedom plan for new customers?


Just renamed plans… Still can you your credit on google play

Björn Rostron

Ahh thanks man. Was under the impression that wasn`t case.


New customers can’t use credit for Google Play as of last month.


Ah yes, you right sorry. Must have been too many people using their credit on the play store. Hopefully they don’t remove it from my grandfathered plan. I even had mine upped to a $1,000 spend when I first joined as it wasn’t working, and it was never put back to the $100 max per purchase. So its handy for office365.
Telstra always have to fiddle don’t they! 🙁


Sweet! I’d been planning to switch to Boost recently because my Virgin plan is getting untenable with the amount of data included for the price. Had been considering the $40 Boost one but the $30 may be enough.


Have a look at Vaya. cheaper. If you were happy on the optus network then it is fine. If you would prefer telstra network then boost is great


Thanks for the suggestion! I do travel to Sydney and Melbourne a couple times a year though, and find in the larger cities, the Optus network just doesn’t cut it downtown. So as much as I am anti-Telstra otherwise, might finally give their network a go to see if it is any better.