We have all seen the Freeview ads on TV and some of us may use Freeview. Today the consortium has released a new mobile app called Freeview FV, allowing Aussies to watch live TV from 16 channels on their mobile device.

The live channels available at launch include ABC, SBS, Seven, Channel 9, TEN, ONE, ABC2/ABC4KIDS, ABC ME, ABC News 24, 7TWO, 7Mate, 7Flix,, 9Gem, 9Go! and 9Life. More channels are planned to be added in the future. All stations, with the exception of the Channel 9 stations, play within the Freeview FV app itself. The Channel 9 stations direct you to their standalone app, 9Now, or the link on the Play Store to install it. Once installed, though, the transition is mostly seamless.

Within the app there are also links to access catch-up content from all the free-to-air networks. The links send the user to either their app or their online website which differs for different stations. The app also has a very decent TV guide, favourites and reminder functions and also recommendations.

Of the new app CEO, Liz Ross, said:

This is a fantastic new way for consumers to enjoy TV on their terms and never miss a thing, especially when they’re on the go and away from home. The Australian FTA industry has united to create and deliver a powerful mobile consumer experience – in no other market has an FTA industry collaborated to create its own live streaming app.

If you were wondering, for live sport, Freeview FV mirrors the network’s sporting rights agreements — which basically means that if the network does not have the rights to web streaming that content here then it will not show. For example, the cricket today won’t stream on the app, nor will AFL or NRL, as those rights are generally held elsewhere.

The app can be downloaded now from the Play Store. Even though the app’s icon is a touch unappealing, the rest of the app is good looking with better functionality. Head on over to the Play Store and check it out, and start enjoying some TV on the go.

Price: To be announced
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Having no chromecast support shows just what an amateur piece of crap this is.


Freeview has always been a bit confusing to me … this feels like the first time they have done something that makes sense


I agree. The principle is great, just a pity the execution, at this stage, is so awful.


No Android TV is a real bummer

Max Luong

Yep, this sucks. I have terrible reception at my place and can only get SBS (an 9 occasionally). This would be good.

But, then again, I’ve weaned myself off commercial TV, so I think this is all for the best. 😀

Jamie S

I just sideloaded the app on my Shield Console and the video quality is quite good and it works quite well with a Bluetooth mouse.


Guess what my project will be for tonight!


Don’t like how it forces me into the 9Now app when trying to watch NBN channels

Jamie S

Nah, me either but once you install the 9Now app and sign in it works pretty seemlessly, even when sideloaded on Android TV.


That’s horribly bad.

The default screen doesn’t work in landscape, though some others do. Many images are badly distorted.

The catchup element seems not to work at all.

It’s basically at a pre-alpha level and would take quite a lot of work to raise to a reasonable level.

And, of course, no chromecast


No Chromecast support….

Simon Green

Another minus one for the lack of Chromecast support.

Phillip Molly Malone

Also seems no Android TV support apparently. #Fail