Google has released its updates for Android including the November security updates, and they are now available as factory images and OTA .zip files for owners of Pixel and Pixel XL handsets, as well as the Pixel C, Nexus 5X and 6P, Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and Nexus Player.

At this stage, the following updates are available for the Pixel line:

  • Android 7.1.0 files for Pixel XL (NDE63U, NDE63V, NDE63X) and
  • Pixel (NDE63U, NDE63V, NDE63X).

The versions ending in 63U versions are for Europe, and 63X are focused towards the Verizon-sold models, so if you’re in Australia, 63V is the right choice (and it’s what I’ve flashed this morning). This brings your security patch level to 5 November 2016 — just three days ago, at the time of writing — which is extremely timely, update wise.

For other devices, we have Android 7.0.0 for Pixel C (NRD91N), Nexus 6P (NBD91K), Nexus 5X (NRD91N), Nexus 6 (NBD91P), Nexus Player (NRD91N), and Nexus 9 (NRD91N). The Nexus 6 is also getting new Android 6.0.1 builds of MOB31K and MMB31C including these latest fixes and patches.

You can grab the full OTA files here, which you can flash without needing to wipe your device, or the full factory images here. If you’re using an essentially unmodified device, the OTA files are by far the easiest option to apply. Simply download, reboot your phone into recovery mode, and apply the OTA using your computer and the adb tool. We’ve got a simple guide right here.

Flashing a factory image is a bit more involved, and can potentially wipe your device if you’re not careful. This is for more advanced users, and instructions are available on the factory images page (you’re better off following Google’s instructions directly).

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Received it on BlackBerry Priv already.


Should we be expecting these to arrive via the standard OTA upgrade mechanism?

Clyde Jones

mine did on the Pixel XL this morning. Took about 30mins to install though – weird for a 68Mb update.


Interesting, was that from the Google store or from Telstra, and Telstra SIM or other?

Clyde Jones

Outright from JB hi-fi. Optus sim