If you’re in New Zealand and wanting a Google Pixel, then you’re probably only too well aware that New Zealand wasn’t included by Google as a launch country. In fact, Pixel is only available in Australia, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, and United States at the moment .. which is kind of disappointing, because we think the Pixel should be available far more widely.

Well, if you’re across the ditch and looking to get in on the Pixel action, your national electronics chain PBTech has you covered, with a variety of Pixels available to buy from November 10. In particular, PBTech has the pricing for various Pixels as follows:

  • Pixel in 32GB for $1249
  • Pixel in 128GB for $1449
  • Pixel XL in 32GB for $1449
  • Pixel XL in 128GB for $1649

These prices are in NZD, which means the base Pixel starts at around $1188, about $100 more than the direct price from Google. For this relatively modest premium, you get a Pixel in New Zealand this week, delivered, inclusive of local taxes.

Of course, Google will probably bring the Pixel to New Zealand eventually, but if you can’t wait for them to do it, and if you can’t get one in Australia yourselves (for example, if you have friends/family here, or you happen to be here for a holiday), this is a great alternative.

Good job, PBTech.

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Once again us Kiwis are being screwed over by Google not selling items here. The same goes for Motorola. If you want these items you have to import them yourselves from AU or the US and forgo a warranty or pay thru the nose for a parallel imported on with warranty.