Google has announced on Twitter this morning that it’s Chromecast Ultra has gone on sale in stores and online in the US.

The Chromecast Ultra is a next generation Chromecast device that is audio feedback positive. It offers a premium streaming experience with streaming of up to 4K UltraHD with HDR and Dolby Vision support. The new Chromecast Ultra will offer improved performance and reliability with it being up to 1.8 times faster at loading content. The data stream load will be quite high with 4K as you could imagine and to combat this Google have integrated an ethernet port into the power pack while still maintaining a small compact size.

With 4K content arriving on Google Play movies in November it makes this Chromecast device an attractive purchase. It will be available here “later this year” for $99AUD, but as yet, we don’t have a precise date.

With retail availability in the US now, surely we can’t be too far away in Australia.