LG V20

In case you missed it, LG’s V20 went on sale yesterday in JB HiFi stores around Australia. We’d initially missed yesterday’s date, with other things going on, but with LG hitting the social media airwaves this morning, we were quickly reminded.

If you’re interested in a top-flight Android handset that is getting rave reviews overseas, the LG V20 might very well be worth your looking at. With some of the popular features of the LG G5 — including dual-lens camera with wide angle — the LG V20 features a dual-screen (ticker display) and it launches with Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box, one of the very first smartphones to do so.

Like the V10 before it, LG has again included a secondary display on the phone with a 160 x 1040 resolution screen sitting just above the main 5.7″ QHD display. The phone also includes a Snapdragon 820 SoC, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage and for those who like a removable battery, you can swap the 3200mAh out as you please.

Here are the full specifications:

Key Specifications:LG V20
Release dateNovember 2016
Screen size5.7-inch
Screen technologyIPS LCD
Resolution2,560 x 1,440
Rear camera16MP/8MP (Wide Angle)
Front camera5MP
ChipsetSnapdragon 820
Core config
MicroSDYes, Up to 2TB
Battery3,200 mAh
Battery removableYes
ConnectorUSB C
Headphone Port
Headphone Location
Speaker Configuration
Android OSAndroid 7.0
Vendor skinLG UX 5.0
Dimensions159.7 x 78.1 x 7.6mm
  • Titan
  • Silver
  • Pink

Are you keen on LG’s V20? We’ve organised one for Ausdroid to review and we’ll have that with you as soon as we can.

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The price is insane what are phone manufacturers thinking with these outrageous prices .it will be outdated within a few months,this ain’t even worth five hundred bucks the new Huwewu mate phone 1300 for a Chinese phone that’s crazy over pricing as well for a phone that will be superceeded within months .xaomi make the best value best specd phones will buy the note 2 xiaomi 700 bucks online kills LG and Huweawu phones in looks and performance and battery life .

Paul Daniels

Coming from Samsung OLED screens, just wanted to check that the LG V20′ screen wasntt repulsive in comparison. Foolishly I went to JB. So after waiting over 30 min for someone to actually respond to calls to man the phone counter I ask.

No we can only show you the cardboard box.

As I walkout, I get abused. I should have got the hint when the security guard was actually answering customer queries.

A guy from LG says that the phone will become available to carriers next week. Otherwise Kogan looks very good

Shakeel Ali

Did you speak to a PR rep from LG, because i’ve been trying to contact them all week with no answers regarding carrier availability.

Paul Daniels

Sry, general online chat support inquiry. So its veracity is dubious. Found this site shortly after the chat. It gave me the answer. I’ll have another look this time next week, then, most likely, order a silver one from Kogan.

Major Sceptic

I have a g5 mate, i suspect it will be the same screen , if it is, i can tell you the lg g5 screen is ok , i don’t think it’s as good ad my note 4 super amoled , but it’s passable . Of a night time on occasion i will use the g5 as a bed clock with its always on display, and you can see the whole screen slightly lit up from the back light leds even on low brightness. If you really want the phone…… The ips is not a deal breaker, but it’s just… Read more »


Went to get a silver one from JB, black only. [email protected]#* that. I’ll get one from Kogan for $999


kogan will only give you 1yr warranty as grey import.
JB is official AU stock so 2yr warranty + most people seem to be getting a $30-40 discount from JB which makes it even closer to the Kogan price.

with the potential of LG having bootloop issues, I would go for local stock from JB


JB is the exclusive supplier of this phone but won’t stock all colours. That’s not OK. A phone call and an email were both answered with an “I don’t know” response. JB’s customer service is just not up to scratch. If it has bootloop issues, it’s fair to assume it will happen fairly soon after I install everything I want on it, so a week, tops. After the warranty runs out I’ll probably root it anyway.


Read the lg g4 boot loop issues, I got it after 8 months, some after 12 months and now no warranty from anyone.

Choice/risk is yours 🙂


local warranty is 24 months


Yes, but he is talking about buying from kogan which is not local stock it’s HK stock so only 12 months warranty


Agree with your comments on JB customer service. I went to 4 stores. Bought from the abrupt guy who had answers, instead of uni students who didn’t even know they had stock and couldn’t be bothered finding any in other store.
Elizabeth Street Melbourne reportedly has one that can be played with.

Andy C

LG made a huge mistake making JB the exclusive retailer, what a joke.


Disagree entirely. JB is one of the better national retailers, alongside probably Officeworks. Their staff can be variable, but the guys at my local store in Hornsby are top notch. Murray the manager there and his team are on the ball, friendly, knowledgeable, and only too happy to take questions and discuss things. Obviously not all stores are the same, but I haven’t had a bad experience at JB HiFi yet. Other national retailers I can’t say the same.


Agree daft009 although I had no option to purchase V10 as a grey import from Android Enjoyed. I did have an AU stock G4 prior to that which did end up being repaired under warranty after 14 months due ti bootloop issues. That said, Android Enjoyed has the V20 for 729.00 and for those knockers, I have purchased two phones from this company without an issue despite their many negative reviews.


I bought one on Saturday (5/11) at JB. You can get a $32 discount if you ask. Had to ask for phone as they don’t display it.
I was shocked to find it has an FM radio and IR remote. Old Skool!

Major Sceptic

Yeah g5 also has fm enabled and ir blaster, very underrated features imo.

Dean Rosolen

LG really needs to work on their marketing/PR communications.


Honestly, I had forgotten about it…


Radio silence from LG on which carriers it’s available from, last I heard about 3 weeks ago, it was “still being worked out”



Being dual SIM, don’t think any carrier will pick it up


Telstra has exclusive rights to Google Pixel so I would have thought this would be a perfect opportunity for Optus or Vodafone to fill a void left by Note 7 withdrawl. I am currently with Telstra but would happily move if either carried LG V20. Oh and agree that LG PR could improve greatly.