It seems that Google’s Daydream View VR headset is now officially on sale in Australia, with listings going live on Google’s Store overnight, and we’ve confirmed that the headsets are now on sale in JB HiFi stores as well.

Daydream View is supposedly available in Telstra Stores as well, however we’ve been unable to confirm this at the time of writing.

If you’re keen on getting a Daydream View, you can grab them online or in store now for $119, which includes the headset and remote controller. You just need to supply the compatible phone. At this stage, we know that both Pixel phones will work just fine in Daydream View, though other handsets may not be supported just yet — we’ve tried Daydream on a Galaxy S7 Edge with a purchased headset, and the app won’t install.

It is early days, though, and we expect that this compatibility will be extended in coming days and weeks as other phones become certified for use in Daydream.

Will you be buying a Daydream View headset? Let us know in the comments if you’ve got one and where from.

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    Nizar Noor

    I bought one yesterday from JB The Strand (Sydney). I really liked it! The overall experience is very good, extremely easy to use, and the controller is great! And it’s so much fun! I’m using Pixel (not XL) so the whole thing is rather… pixelated (ha-ha) but I don’t really mind it. Oh and the phone gets quite hot after a while, just FYI.

    Josh Buckley

    JB HI FI had them in the store yesterday but not stocked in. Got mine still. Telstra didn’t have any idea when

    Lucas Buchanan

    I picked up my Pixel today. Holding out for some more reviews before I order this. My curiosity is piqued.

    Lucas Buchanan

    Do Ausdroid have their own review of sorts in the works?


    Yes, a few of us have bought Daydream units today. We will have a review very, very soon.

    Max Luong

    Grabbed one at lunch. Apparently it was the fourth one sold at the JB Canberra City store.

    It works surprisingly well with the controller, heaps better than Cardboard (as you’d hope). Very comfortable and fun to play with.

    My workmates have been playing with it nonstop for the last 1.5-2h. Productivity in the office has nosedived… 😀


    Bugger all stock at JB around me. Luckily I commute a fair distance to work and one supposedly has stock on the way home. Guess we’ll see. Slate only, too. Ordered it just after 1AM and still haven’t received confirmation it’s ready to be picked up!


    Couldn’t get them at JB Hornsby, but they are elsewhere. Full stock should be available tomorrow, we’re told.

    Fiddle Castro

    This should’ve been thrown in for free with the OVERLY-EXPENSIVE Pixel.

    Jamie S

    Telstra Hobart had NFI. JB Hi-fi Hobart City store had 10 units and offered a 3 year add on warranty for $1 ??? I walked out without one as I have 2 Gear VR sitting at home gathering dust.


    I’m eager to hear people’s opinion on what Daydream is like on the regular Pixel with its 1080p display.


    I’ll let you know in 10mins




    Four minutes to go…! 😛


    Well it runs pretty quick. No issues there. There is a little bit of a “flyscreen” look, but you kind of forget about it after a while


    OK cool. Makes sense. Is it an enjoyable and immersive experience? Are you impressed or underwhelmed?


    Yeah, it was great. Two of the girls in the office liked it too. Downloading some apps and stuff to play with it more tonight. It was very accurate and the controller is quite good. It’s certainly worth the $119


    I’m sold. Thanks!


    Thanks, have been looking around for some impressions with Pixel in the View vs XL! Good to hear.


    One thing I will say though is that I thought the field of view would be wider…but I haven’t really experienced VR much

    Jamie S

    Can you leave the case on easily enough?


    I have the Spigen Rugged Armour, which is a little bulky. Took a few attempts the first time, but yes worked fine with it on


    My pixel XL is definitely too heavy. I think pixel will give a more comfortable experience. However, I find the image is not good even with the QHD screen on pixel XL, so I cannot believe why people are satisfied with 1080p on the pixels(I don’t have much VR experience though). In addition, my phone gets very hot like I will explode in VR mode.


    Just picked up mine 😀

    Quentin Wright

    My Nexus 6P recently installed Google VR Services. Would it be correct to assume that if this installed Daydream is supported?

    Max Luong

    Sorry to say, but no.

    Dan Goodes

    At this stage only selected JB stores seem to have stock this morning, at least based on my searches on their website (and not my local ones, naturally).

    At least I know not to bother with local Telstra stores today.