google-safe-browsingBeing an internet company, safe browsing is important to Google, and we’ve all probably come across its protection in various guises. Who amongst us hasn’t seen Google’s red screen come up when accidentally (or deliberately) browsing to a less than reputable website? Google’s safe browsing nous is built into a number of its platforms, including Chrome on desktop, Android and iOS, and today Google is announcing a new hub for safe browsing information.

Simply called Safe Browsing, the site makes it easier for users to report malicious web sites, access information on policies and more, and perhaps most importantly, to serve as a central repository for a number of Google tools that are useful for end-users and developers alike.

One of the fascinating stats I didn’t know is that Google’s Safe Browsing system protects around a full half of all online users, which is pretty incredible. That’s because it isn’t just built into Chrome, but the technology is available for integration into other apps and services.

Take a look at the Safe Browsing website to find out more.

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This is not browsing .. it’s website content hosting.
Google does not have authority over content hosting unless it’s directly through them..
Safe browsing .. it’s more like selective browsing.
You see the content in Google searches it wants you to see.