I think it’s fair to say that, for the most part, 2016 has been a year that Samsung would rather forget. Following on from the the Note 7 disaster Samsung need (and want) to come out swinging with something that will put them back into the market. Samsung hope that the Galaxy S8 will do just that, and it just might.

Rumours circulating today suggest that the Galaxy S8 will have the model numbers SM-G950 and SM-G955 (with the G denoting Galaxy as per past model numbers) but there is also a rumour that the model number SM-N950 is in the works. We can all guess what the N stands for; it has always stood for Note in the past.

We have seen rumours that Samsung will introduce their own AI with the Galaxy S8, along with the headphone jack being removed. VentureBeat are reporting that both Galaxy S8 models will have edge displays to make the phone appear bezel-less on the sides and that there will NOT be a flat screen model of the Galaxy S8.

Those punters out there who are devastated after the Note 7 debacle not to have a new large screen Samsung flagship will be happy with rumours out of South Korea suggesting the displays on the Galaxy S8 variants will be 5.7 and 6.2 inches in size. With Samsung’s history of small bezels on their phones displays this large does not mean a big phone (and also, the edge display does take up some extra dimension without adding to overall size).

Where the SM-N950 fits into this is unknown, but Samsung might be going to release a Galaxy S8 Note as a successor to the ill-fated Note 7. To not have a new flagship with included S-Pen for what would effectively be two years seems too long to wait (ie. from the Note 5 release until September 2017 would be two years).

With Samsung looking get back in everyone’s mindset for a premium manufacturer we can expect them to knock everyone’s socks off next year. Hopefully we will see some true innovation from them.

What are you expecting? Anything new?

Source: 9to5Google.
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Will these be sold in cigarrette shops ?

Dean Rosolen

Was that headline pun intentional?

Mike Stevens

Dunno if you’ve been watching the news, I think most of us would like to forget 2016… 😉


5.7 and 6.2?!

Samsung on the path to another massive screw up.