+ Tuesday October 22nd, 2019

It was just a couple of days ago that Oppo announced that they had signed an agreement with Officeworks to stock some of their products, including the F1s, R9 and R9 Plus. Today they have shown up on the Woolworths Mobile website showing further expansion into the Aussie market.

Just like with Officeworks, Woolies will be stocking the F1s, the R9 and the R9 Plus. The phones seem to be only available on a Woolworths Mobile plan. There are several plans available with the handset repayments varying for each phone and each plan. For example the Oppo R9 Plus has a handset repayment of $10 a month on the $50 per month plan but has zero handset repayments on the $70 per month plan. The Oppo F1s is free on a $35 per month plan making it a great deal.

With most Aussies often looking for great value for money Oppo are taking advantage of this making their products front and centre so everyone knows about them. They are good looking devices and thus expect to start seeing a lot more of them in people’s hands, especially if Oppo keep pushing into more stores.

Source: Woolworths Mobile.

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Iain Simmons

There’s no mention at all of the Android version they are running… Am I going crazy or do I remember see that these were only running Lollipop?


Yup and they’re super silent on updates

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