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Daydream View has been on sale for all of 24 hours in Australia, and already it’s clear that a number of developers have been hard at work behind the scenes to get some beautiful Daydream-compatible apps and experiences ready to go. This one comes courtesy of realestate.com.au, and they’ve developed realestate VR, an app which allows users to:

“Take a walk through a handpicked selection of interesting homes and see property in a new perspective. The new realestate virtual reality app lets you move through some amazing spaces letting you see details like never before. Whether you are researching floorplans or collecting ideas, grab the headset and controller and be prepared to make yourself at home.”

Of course, to take advantage, you’ll need a Daydream View headset and a Pixel or Pixel XL, though you may be able to use an emulator to take a look if you don’t have all the required hardware just yet. realestate VR starts users off in a living room with a selection of categories and properties to search from.

Of course, not every property listed on realestate.com.au is available, just a select few, but this is more a proof of concept at this stage. Users can use the Daydream View controller to interact with the menus and to take a look at the various properties on offer.

This is a great little showcase of what Daydream VR can offer in terms of user experience. Check it out.

realestate VR
realestate VR
Developer: realestate.com.au
Price: Free


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Chris Rowland

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Ausdroid Reader

Nobody tell my wife, OK? Good.

Yianni Soc
Ausdroid Reader

Just gives you a reason to buy a pixel xl and daydream viewer without feeling guilty.

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