The Hilltop Hoods and Google Play Music have teamed up for a first of its kind interactive film clip to take you Through the Dark of Cancer to raise funds for Canteen. The title song “Through the Dark” written by MC Pressure depicts in a powerful and graphic way the emotions and feelings a parent of a child with cancer goes through on a daily basis.

The feeling that your life has been turned upside down, hopelessness, having no control over your daily life, the fear, the overwhelming feeling of sinking no matter what you do… As a parent of a child with cancer, I know the dark places that Pressure refers to in the song. I recognise the inner strength that you are forced to find that you never knew you had until you needed it and truly admire the inner strength of Pressure to put it all on the table through his creative outlet – music.

I’m saying this to try and paint you a picture of what it must have taken him to revisit these times to be a part of the creative process for the film clip and ride the emotional wave again for such a good cause. It’s not only a wonderful piece of music but has true meaning to so many people around the world; reducing many (including myself) to tears on more than one occasion.

Google have taken on such a project and you can donate to the cause simply by listening to the Album on Play Music or – as a cause close to our hearts here at Ausdroid – simply make a donation direct to Canteen as part of their new initiative Side of Stage which aims to open many doors to gigs, festivals and performances across Australia. I know only too well the scale of costs involved with kids treatment which at times can make something as simple as a dinner out cost prohibitive so the money for a much needed night out at a concert just isn’t there.

The real feel good out of this is to know that Pressure’s son Liam is now living cancer free!

If you would like to support Canteen’s Side of Stage project, you can join Ausdroid in doing so — we’re going to try and raise a bit of money from our readers to donate to the project as a group:

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Personal Note: If you’ve never heard the track before, particularly if you have kids of your own I highly recommend you immerse yourself in this clip, but be warned it will hit you pretty hard.

As our connected world continues to grow and interactivity is craved by more people, can you see interactive clips like this being more prevalent?

Source: Through The Dark with Google.
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Darren Ferguson

How do you actually watch this? Is this only for Google Play Music subscribers?


Watch the video? Open the link up on your mobile: https://throughthedark.withgoogle.com/

Darren Ferguson

Sorry, I somehow completely missed that reading through the article twice :


Or on your PC