Everyone wants a bargain, and when you looking at a phone priced between $1079 – $1419 a bargain isn’t such a bad idea. An enterprising reader came up with a way a few weeks back to save a few dollars, but it was a little convoluted. Now online retailer/ grey market reshipper Kogan is offering $80 off a Pixel, and Pixel XL are “coming soon”.

Kogan will sell you a 32GB Black or Silver Pixel (5.0″) for $999 AUD, + delivery, Delivery for me was $22.99 which reduces your potential savings to $67.01. The phone is sold by Kogan HK, which likely means this is not Australian stock, and all warranty issues will have to be handled with Kogan, most likely with postage back and forth.

For a measly $67 dollars off I know I’d prefer to walk into a JB HiFi or Telstra store and walk away with local returns and warranty support.

Are you going to get a Kogan Pixel? Let us know below.

Source: Kogan.
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So I take it no one knows when the 128GB XL’s will be back in stock through the Google Store?

Gray Fox

I will never buy things from kogan due the lack if warranty.
I replaced my nexus 5 that went bad, with Samsung galaxy s5 and got 3 years of product care warranty on top so i have years of warranty.

Phone does what i need cant really complain


Does anyone know when Google will have stock of the 128GB Black XL’s? My XL died on me last weekend (black screen and wouldn’t come back to life) and I got a full refund from JB Hifi. Now I want to buy a new one from Google direct for better warranty support. Cheers!


Better warranty support? We’ve heard nothing but good things about JB’s RMA and warranty? What was the issue? Bricks and mortar are good for warranty.


I don’t think JB will give you a replacement device after 90 days if the device goes faulty will they? They would have to send it back first and you’ll be stuck waiting, please correct me if I’m wrong? As I know with Google’s warranty if there’s any issues and phone/chat support can’t fix it they will send you out a replacement, hold a charge on your credit card. Once you get the replacement you send back the faulty phone. Once the faulty phone is checked out and is deemed fault the credit hold is removed. Had a good experience… Read more »

Jamie S

Sounds like you have #Artemsluck to me


I had to look up what that hashtag means, never heard of that one before!

Yianni soc

Either way, that definitely wouldn’t be the case with kogan. I agree Not worth the 80 saving like Duncan says.

Fiddle Castro

Go through JB Hi-Fi again! Like, how easy was it to get a refund off them? You think it’s easier through Google?? And the warranty won’t be better through Google.


Yes, it was easy getting a refund but that’s not the point I’m trying to make. It’s more about down the track (say 6 months or more) if something happens to the phone JB will send off the phone for a repair and you’ll have to wait. Not like Google where they will send you out a replacement then you send back the faulty one. So tell me how the warranty isn’t better through Google?