For the past few months we have all been salivating over the prospect of the Asus Zenwatch 3 being released here in Australia. With the original plan for a first quarter release here in Australia, we wrote up plans for you guys and girls to get your hands on one before then via the States. Now with some not-so-subtle hints, it appears that those plans should be ignored.

Asus Australia have posted a circular looking logo on their Instagram page with the hint “Incredible is coming, 16.11.16! Keep an eye on your watch!”. This could only mean one thing, the Zenwatch 3 is arriving on the 16th of November, which is this coming Wednesday. At this stage there are no details regarding availability or price but we hope to find out more on Wednesday. Until then, we have reached out to Asus Australia for any details they may be able to pass on.

This is a great looking watch, and possibly Asus Australia were feeling the pressure of a global economy where you could easily purchase the watch from the states for a not-so-expensive sum. Whatever the reason it is great to see it arrive before first quarter of 2017 — just in time for those after a Christmas present for yourselves. 

I can’t wait to see this watch in person and have it tempt my very deep pockets. Anyone else? Ed: Yes, me!!

Source: Asus Instagram.
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Brodie Yg

Hope it has a heart rate sensor, useless if it doesn’t.

Huge Jackman

“Be Hold”?


*shrug* can’t do much with what Asus give us 🙂


Tossing up between this and the Gear S3 to replace my first gen Moto 360. Price will play a big part in my decision though.


The ZenWatch 3 will almost certainly be less expensive.